So today I went to go do a massage 💆🏼‍♂️ I go to get my table out and this is what I see. All because I decided to take pictures of me with my table. And then getting a phone call when I was leaving. Lesson learned not to leave before checking to make sure I have everything. Gave the client a complimentary 30-minute massage to use next time for my mistake. So all is well. #massagelife #makingthingsright

DM to book your appointment! I’ll come to you 👐🏽 #Massage #MobileMassage #MusclesMatter #MassageTherapy #YourFaveTherapist #NCLMBT

We understand it’s too hot to leave the house, now you don't have to in order to get a great massage.

Sidelying Hip Articular Work... * * Happy Monday everyone! Let's start the week with happy hips!😁 This is another variation of the hip CARS posted before. So if you have a hard time maintaining balance standing, or your arms keep shaking like a dancer when in quadruped, this option may be best for you!🙌🏾 Irradiate as much energy as you can in your entire body, then go through the motion. The goal is also to try and keep the bottom leg velcrod to the floor especially when you bring the top leg back. Takes practice, as you can see mine popped up in the video but with practice, I can now do it with minimal instability👊🏾 Wake your joints up DAILY! Issa MUST! Let me know how you feel!⬇️ #selfcare #primemovement

🌻💧🌱Flourish, Flow, and Grow. . There have been times in my life when I've been able to recognize, that I wasn't living to my fullest capacity. . This isn't one of those times. And I have reason to believe that those times don't exist anymore. . Thank you to everyone for being so loving, supportive, and receptive to me and my contribution, @flourish.holistics We love you! . Let's continue to help each other flourish, flow, and grow! We deserve it. . Enjoy a glorious beginning to your week . Christa ❤

248-818-5338 Oakland, Wayne & Macomb County. #staycation #mobilemassage #relaxing #rejuvenation #awesome

There's no other hands I'd rather be under for receiving caring, present, deep body love. Come receive in the incredible Sensorium - a multi-sensory experience that nathan created in a mobile cargo trailer. . . . #sacred_living_center #embody #esalenmassage #mobilemassage #deeptissuemassage #soundhealing #presence #vibroacoustic #vibroacusticmasage #relaxation #healinghappens

Meditation Massage Monday💆🏾‍♀️ Fathers Day Sale EXTENDED ! Mobile Massage By Lashawn 🚘🚘🚘🚘 ENJOY A Spa Like Massage In The Comfortability Of Your Own 🏡 Get Your Last Minute Appoitments Book Today 📌 SALE ENDS SUNDAY !!! BOOK NOW ! BOOK NOW ! BOOK NOW ! 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 ______ #dmv #dmvmassagetherapist #dmvmassage #massage #massagetherapy #massagetherapist #mobilemassage #mobilemassagetherapy #massagemeditation #meditation #peace #placeofpeace

Who cares if it's Monday? Relax anyway!

Rolling out for some lovely home visits! Wednesdays and Fridays are available for home visits😻 Having a massage in the comfort of your home can be the ultimate relaxation experience! Message me to schedule a session in the comfort of your home 🏡🐱 #thuismassage #massageathome #amsterdam #massagetherapist #massage #mobilemassage #blackcatbodywork

Monday morning meditation

After 17 years of practice, I can honestly say the great majority of client complaints stem from too many hours behind a desk. Ergonomics isn't just a trend; it's important to take preventative measures to avoid chronic neck, shoulder and back pain, including damage to the hips and spine. This morning, don't forget to check your desk!

Happy Monday!