|| mood. || • { many thoughts going on inside of me today. this question keeps rising (and it's one that's we cerebrally know the answer to, but takes heart, faith & passion to actually make happen): what kind of lines are we (personally) going to draw/build? Lines that build cages or lines that create safe (spaces that lead to healing growth)? In reality, those spaces look like healthy families and communities. I've shared this passage from Dr. Clarissa Estés before, but it bears repeating, "In my heritage, there is a saying 'cultura cura,' or culture cures. If a culture is a healer, the family learns how to heal; they will struggle less, be more reparative, far less wounding, far more graceful and loving. In a culture where the predator rules (people engendering a familial or communal spirit of control_religious &/or governmental), all new life needing to be born, all old life needing to be fine, is unable to MOVE (forward) and the soul lives of its citizenry are paralyzed with both fear and spiritual famine." And honestly, the children are the ones who suffer most. Even if a parent were to abuse a child and put that child in harms way, since when do we say, Oh well, not my problem. If children of a different culture are running from an abusive government (parent) since when do we turn them away? The children are the ones who often suffer the most in an abusive culture, where preditation goes unchecked, which is why we fight against abuse of power. If we had not fought against Hitler, who knows how many more would have died or been traumatized. And children are the most targeted ones b/c of the potential for the deepest wounding. And that wounding, outside of healing interventions/faith, travels on and on into their future families & cultures. I choose to be part of the cultural cura_a citizen, a person of faith, that creates safe spaces for healing and forward movement. And this image speaks to the power of healing & resilience in the face of intense trauma & pain.}. . #writersofinsta #writerscommunity #lines_and_points #bnwlife #bnwphoto #bnwmood #architecturephotography #bnw_architecture #jj_blackwhite #useyourvoice #creativecommunity

Casa M2 • M2 HOUSE

A estética minimalista é muito agradável e calmante, portanto é um ótimo estilo para projetar um banheiro. Linhas simplistas se prestam a um ambiente limpo. Detalhe para o piso de pedra serrado. 😍 #interiordesign #style #urbanwalls #buildings #city #architecture #designdeinteriores #architecturephotography #architecturelovers #architectures #ArquiteturaeUrbanismo #instatag #urban #building #urbanart #BathroomDesign #cityscape #Design #3D #Minimalism #Bathroom

😎Continuamos con @launionpublicitaria. Este fue un proyecto Llave en Mano donde nos encargamos del diseño, desarrollo de planos y remodelación🔧 - 1/3 💡Iluminación: @illuminationsdesign ⛏️ Revestimiento: @mosagres ⛏️ Revestimiento: @elmecpty 🌲 Pisos de madera: @pacifico_design 📸 Fotografía: @almenaramedia

o projeto @fbartgallery desenvolvido pela @dglarquitetura foi publicado pela @casavoguebrasil contando um pouco desse desafio do que é realizar sonhos! nos acompanhem nesse processo coisa linda 💥🚀 . . grato aos parceiros: @fernandobianchi511 @carol.zanin @gustavodiaswoodesign @sergiofahrer @fahrerdesign @jacaranda_comunicacao . . #dglarquitetura #design #interiordesign #arch #designer #designdeinteriores #arte #art #arquiteto #arquitecto #architecture #artgallery #urban #architecturephotography #contemporaryart #arquitetura #saopaulo #brasil #galeriadearte #archilovers #apgaleria #faherdesign


Gehry glow

The corner of Bespoke Derbyshire House 2 has a whole lot of WOW. The exposed steel structure, glass balustrade and painted finishes are softened by the timber batten cladding of the lower level. Photography credit | #Luciluci |@dean_walters @lee_turner Supplier| @derbyshirehomes

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