🌱You are the most equipped to love, care, and value yourself. Take a moment and tune into your body as you reflect on this reality. If you experience any resistance to accepting this truth I invite you to explore what’s underneath that. A resistance to loving, and valuing yourself blocks your ability to attract a healthy and loving relationship. If you’re struggling to break free from painful relationship patterns that cause heartbreak and toxicity. And want to attract a healthy, loving, and committed relationship then send me a message.❤️ I work with my clients to: 💎Heal their blocks to love 💎Get clear on what they want 💎Reverse childhood trauma impacting their partnering decisions 💎Know how to choose a compatible partner 💎Stop attracting emotionally unavailable men. 💎Set powerful boundaries 💎know how to trust themselves more deeply. Take courageous action today send me a message today in service of your relationship goals.

I'm so tired of searching for stones. Something I can throw at your bones. Guess I can never even be in the friend-zone, So I'm setting up my own milestones. And I'm breaking from your play phone Because it's way better to be on my own. #breakfree #poetry 💩

Remember, this is all based on control. An abuser wants to feel good about themselves, so they may project their own feelings of powerlessness on their partner or try to ensure they are never rejected themselves. But those feelings are their feelings and are not necessarily rooted in truth. So how can someone in an emotionally abusive relationship take control back? It starts by setting boundaries with their partner, explaining how they’re open to hearing concerns, but it’s not okay to be attacked. Moreover, what’s now off the table? What is considered okay to do, and what crosses the line? Consider personal values, desires, and needs when discussing what can and cannot be done. If they cannot meet these reasonable expectations, then it’s time to move on. Breaking up can be very scary, especially for someone who’s been suffering from abuse. Reaching out to someone who can offer support will help in the long run, as they can be there during this difficult time. They can also help victims remember what it used to be like before the relationship, and how they are worth and lovable. Whether it’s family or friends, having a place to go and money or a job in place will also provide much needed support. Furthermore, it’s important to connect with themselves again and work on undoing the damage. . . . . . . . #emotionalabuse #breakfree #positivethinking #positivemindset #narcissiticabuse #narcissisistiabusesurvivor #toxicrelationships #narcissisticpersonalitydisorder #traineepsychologist #psychologistinthemaking #balancepsychologies