За великих людей!!! 😎💪🏻 Давайте не будем расстраиваться по пустяках!!! Будем сильнее, мудрее и лучше!!!🌞🤓😇 #цитаты #фрейд #умныемысли #личностныйрост #давайтебудемлучше #freud #cleverthoughts #famousquotes #selfimprovement #letsbebetter

I came across and interesting post from @travel_inhershoes she explains her thoughts on how to deal with hate. :::: If someone uses their energy to bring you down and paints it as ‘the truth’ or ‘just their opinion’ - why would you let them reap the benefits of what you produce: information, inspiration, entertainment? :::: ‘It’s an honor to serve people with your work, but it’s a privilege of others to enjoy what you do’ - if someone can’t appreciate that, ‘fire’ them. :::: Or like @Marieforleo pointed out in her recent interview - there is a different between calling people IN and calling people OUT. :::: You call someone in (give feedback privately) when you care about them and want them grow you feel the need to share something that might help them grow. :::: You call people out (give feedback publicly) to shame them in front of others. Why? For attention and to make yourself feel better. :::: Just a thought 💭 for today, I think we can all take something from it and learn to better ourselves day to day. - Jumper: @missguided

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Когда вы испытываете трудности со своей самооценкой из-за инстаграма, вспомните, что нынешние «диванные сомелье», скорее всего, в школе стояли «на разливе» «Отвёртки» и «Ягуара». #cleverthoughts #pafos #aboutwine #wine🍷