Rainy day today here in the great state of MN... BUT!! I have Final cut so I’ll be editing some stuff tonight to get a video up. Been taking longer than I want not because of procrastination but more so because I know the quality isn’t going to be where I want it since I’m using old school @gopro hero 2s. Looking at getting a hero 5 so the quality will be up to snuff. Have some stuff planned so stay tuned!!

Hey all you smiley seniors‼️‼️ I’m completely booked for the summer & booking for September and October! Dates go especially fast for the fall because 1)it’s not 200 hundred degrees out 2) who doesn’t love some fall trees 3) my dates are extra limited because I will be back in school! If you want some more information shoot me a dm or email ([email protected]) I’d love to chat with you!!🌟

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Very blessed to have as our official partners in office space solutions for @creativeanimalsdxb. They been nothing, but awesome when setting us up with an "amazing workspace" fit with modern, clutter-free furtniture, @dyson lighting and air purification systems as well as admin and meeting room support. Proud to be part of this community of dubai SME! When they asked me if I would be in one of their testamonials, i did one better and told them not only will I be in it, but i'll shoot it too. Check out these guys if you're looking to set up an HQ for your business.

THUMBS UP || How we all love to get a ‘you’re okay’ or ‘you’re doing fine’ - recognition is a primary need. Nothing wrong with that either. So... big THUMBS UP for you. Just keep sharing your AWESOMENESS and walk the path of REBELICIOUSNESS!

This week, we are so proud to present the podcast that made history. The first, globally, to host a #TodayAtAppleTalk. We celebrated some of the great people that shared our stoop & our narrative @youseftuqan @narcynarce @danyneville @garyvee @kerningcultures @oddisee @fatima_albanawi @hassanhajjaj_larache @carlosmare @the_eripolitan to name a few. Check out the live session episode on your preferred podcast app, alternatively, link in bio.

Vocês querem paletinha gringa por 25 dinheirinhos, @? A @rubyrose_oficial que não é boba nem nada e tem cuidado muito bem do nosso suado $, se inspirou na paleta Rose Gold da Huda Beauty (que aqui no Brasil, custa quase 500 temers) e criou essa maravilinda paletinha chamada Be fabulous. Já comprei a minha e vamos para as considerações... Pra vocês terem uma noção de como os tons são parecidos, os swatches (passa pro lado) da esquerda e do meio são da Be Fabulous, e o da direita é da @hudabeauty 🙀 Comprei a minha na @lilacmodas do shopping box e custou R$23, foi o lugar mais barato que encontrei aqui em Aracaju, a pigmentação é muito boa e de quebra ela vem com um primer ótimo. Sério, apaixonada REAL e o próximo vídeo vai ser usando ela! 💖 #looveinstas

Being creative is not a hobby its a way of life. Being a blogger is like being on a roller coaster. Some days I go through extreme lows & sometimes I feel like on top of the world. With lot of appreciation comes a bit of criticism. And moreover the pressure of performing, working towards getting every picture better than the previous one at times makes me work hard like crazy 😅. But I am happy that I am still up in this game. 📸 @glamourguilt16