Vidéo de ma Queen @cassandrajulliaoff pour Miss France 😍 que de beaux souvenirs 😁 Elle est SPLENDIDE ! Pour info, Mon projet pour Cassandra avance , j'ai hâte de lui donner lors de l'élection Miss NPdC et surtout j'espère que ça va lui plaire 🤞 J'ai tellement hâte d'être le 13 octobre, je ne suis même pas sûre que je verrai Cassandra, car comme il y aura bcp de monde...😓 • • • • • • • ________________________________________________ #day #fan #travel #popular #instagood #blogger #blog  #followforfollowback #f4f #followback #photo #day #idol #omg #yeah #crown #women #proud #love #shooting #beautiful #team #instagram #france #yeah #beautifulgirl #beautiful #missfrance2018 #instagood #miss #missfrance

Летние фактуры #summer

one morning I wake up and everything will be changed. I hope.

킬링파트는 민주랑 수빈이의 망치춤 그놈의 망치춤

My day - finally after I scheduled it I couldn’t wait to do it all !!! It’s so important to charge your duties emotionally so it gives you energy age drive to do it all !!! An hour of power : I wake up 4 30 am And i meditate 👼🏻 Brushing teeth and singing every little cell in my body is happy lifting my body on the tippy toes Bullet prof organic coffee or green smoothie that tastes like Marlon’s Then I train 6am Run or gym or bike 🚲 7 am Shower Organic breakfast after yummy 😋 7 15 am bringing Sasha to school - hr of connecting and being the most outstanding mum I can possibly be ! 8-10 am business ( strategy , brainstorming, book writing ) - an hr of being a Wonder Woman 10-11am responding emails , calls , social media posts 12 - 30 min organic lunch break - hr of high energy that gives me all the energy that I need to attract evth that I want 1-3 - webinars , coaching sessions - I serve people at my best ability by adding more value than anyone else !!! 3 pm lunch 🥙 organic 4-6 pm clients , product design , speech - the hr of Magic Creation 7 pm cardio - the hr of me being lean mean alkaline machine that sweats off all the toxins !!! I’m the magnet of good things and people - spending time connecting with Sasha 8 pm Meditation 🧘‍♀️ 20 min Movie , dinner , unwind Sleep 💤 @valerieprudon #relationship #relationshipcoach #rpm #day #schedule #incantation