Le Botaniste Lunch Special ⭐️: A cup of our daily soup and a half portion of one of our menu bowls. The perfect amount of food to power through the rest of your day, see you soon! #bringtheplantback [ 📷: @barbara_ebele ]

This nutrient dense smoothie for breakfast was everything I needed after a not so great sleep 😴 it wasn’t the prettiest but dang did it taste goood 🙌🏻 -1/4 frozen banana -1/4 cup frozen blueberries -1/4 frozen avo -handful of spinach -1 tbsp chia seeds -lots of cinnamon -1 scoop @alohamoment vanilla protein -1 scoop @furtherfood collagen (use code “thenourishedpalate10” for 10% off your first order!) -1 cup @foragerproject cashew milk Hope you all have a great start to the week ✨ #livewellwithcourt

A segment on Good Morning America showing more studies on the affects of food coloring, preservatives and compounds in food containers in children. Not only can it contribute to hyperactivity, but it can cause issues with puberty, obesity, thyroid function, and some cancers. Choosing organic foods from the perimeter of your grocery store is where to shop, and make sure to store leftovers in glass or stainless steel containers! @pyrexhome has a great line of glass food storage containers that I love for this!!🥦🥕🍅🍋

Breakfast for 8. Herbed sweet potatoes with garden thyme. Arugula. One sunny side up egg per person.

✨✨GIVEAWAY✨✨ I’ve always gone through periods where I was really into meal planning, but then life got busy and I stopped (probably when I needed it most)! Now, with a newborn, if I don’t do some sort of meal planning, it’s really difficult to put together a simple meal when I have a pocket of time or I get really hungry. @jlevinsonrd new book, 52 Week Meal Planner, has helped me develop a bit of an action plan that’s easier for me to visualize, since I’m a very pen to paper person. She shares some great meal prep hacks, as well as a weekly meal planner (one for each week of the year plus a few extras) for you to fill in and be as specific as you’d like. It really helps me to put things on paper to see how I can “re-use” ingredients throughout the week! This week I bought a few sweet potatoes, so the recipes heavily focus on using them up! So, I know for my proteins, I’ll be buying ground turkey and chicken sausage (I always have chickpea and lentils on hand). And for carbs, I’ll use freekah, sweet potatoes, and pitas. I usually buy spinach to add to everything, and I’ll probably get some zucchini, summer squash and eggplant to throw in any of these dishes. . . . The book also includes some recipe pages to include your favorite go-to recipes, price comparison worksheets, seasonal produce guides and more! The book officially comes out on July 31, but you can preorder it at (I'll put the link in my profile!). I used it to map out my week of dinners and here’s what some of the recipes/meals look like: Monday: BBQ Apple Sweet Potato Turkey Burgers (recipe is on my blog) 🍔 Tuesday: Chickpea Cauliflower Pitas with yogurt dressing (recipe on my blog) 🌮 Wednesday: Eating Out Thursday: Homemade Freekah Bowls with chicken sausage and sweet potatoes (recipe from @streetsmart.rd ) and avocado Friday: Lentil chickpea vegetable salad (recipe from @jlevinsonrd) Saturday: Eating Out Sunday: leftovers . . . . . And now I'm giving away a FREE copy of Jessica's book to help you with meal planning. To enter, follow @bucketlisttummy_rd And @jlevinsonrd and tag a friend below who loves to meal plan or could use some help! #52weekmealplanner #mealprep

Berry oh myyy! I had so many berries in my fridge I just kept adding more and more types till I realized I couldn’t even really see my @erewhonmarket paleo toast! But honestly my favorite combo at the moment is paleo toast w/ nut butter and berries it’s the besttt🙌🏼 went to SoulCycle today and freakin loved it!!! Wish they had one in AZ because I would go all the time except I think it’s good they aren’t because my bank account would suffer! Hope you guys have a great Monday 💛 • • @erewhonmarket paleo toast, @costco almond butter, strawberries, blueberries, pomegranates, idk what the next one are but they r like raspberries but better (got them from tj’s) , & pumpkin seeds!

Quick snack... Cucumber, avocado, crushed chillies, lemon juice, turmeric and ground pepper... Eat your veggies.... 😎💪😍

The "What I Had Leftover in my Fridge from Before My Vacation" Smoothie Bowl 🏝️ . Haven't had the chance to get groceries yet so I used whatever I could get my hands on to make my breakfast today! Honestly I'd be happy to eat a plain ole smoothie bowl but it's just so pleasing to make it look pretty before inhaling it in less than a minute 😅 To make the smoothie, blend: -frozen banana -3/4 cup frozen mangos -1/2 cup frozen blueberries -scoop of @genuinehealth Natural Coconut protein powder -water/almond milk (just as much needed to blend it) Top with whatever you've got going on! I did some @kashi granola, poppy seeds and a maple sugar candy for fun! #proteinsmoothie #proteinbowl #protein #smoothiebowl #smoothie #smoothiebowlrecipe #healthy #healthyrecipe #instagramrecipe #recipe #healthyfood #healthyliving #healthybowl #healthylifestyle #healthymeal #breakfast #breakfastbowl #bowlsofinstagram #balanxed #balancedlifestyle #girlswhotravel #girlswholift #travel #travelfoodie #foodie #eatrealfood #foodisfun #foodisfuel #foodforlife

HEY EVERYONE. there are new people here so i thought i would introduce myself!! my name is hannahbeth and i am the blonde, curly-head in the middle!! i am a 25 year old nursing student (college round two. holla) and i got sucked into the YL biz in january, in basically the same moment that i got my starter kit! i am a 6w7 on the enneagram which means that i want to have all the fun but i’m kinda scared to do it. i have been to every continent except for australia and antarctica and you best believe they are on my bucket list. I AM SO GLAD Y’ALL ARE HERE learning all this stuff with me!! it makes the journey more fun!!!!

Israeli pearl couscous has a ten minute cook time and an incredible texture somewhere between pasta and rice. Keep a jar in your pantry for quick, inexpensive meals (and tasty leftovers to take on the go) ✨

Baked Oatmeal is one of my go to quick breakfasts or even perfect as a snack! Plus, it’s my favorite way to use fruit that’s a little overripe! . These peaches were still SO good and super sweet but I knew they wouldn’t last if we just ate them over the week. Into the oats they went! I baked the oatmeal in muffin tins so we can grab one and go if we need something quick! . These also fit perfectly into my meal plan! I feel like the biggest struggle people have is eating all the ‘good’ for you foods without seeing any change. Want to learn more about eating the right amount of the right foods?! I can help with that! . Nutrition is part of why I LOVE these programs. Nutrition, fitness, support - It’s all put together for you to keep your like simple! . . . . . . . . #eatrightnotless #eatrightfeelright #nutritionmatters #summerpeaches #bakedoatmeal #quickfood #mealprepmonday #cutco #breakfastideas #eatrealfood #fuelyourbody #allinmoderation #whatmomseat #easymeals #busymomlife #pregnancycravings #goodforyoufood #fromtheorchard