What should you teach your children who are thinking of buying? Be realistic. Grand ambitions are great, but when it comes to your first house, most young people are looking far beyond what they can and should borrow to purchase. Teach them to budget realistically. Include all monthly expenses, not just bills but entertainment costs, and also future rates, insurance and maintenance costs. Talk to a mortgage broker. A good mortgage broker like those at Mortgage & Finance Solutions won't just arrange pre-approval for you, they'll also help you avoid financial pitfalls. There are no dumb questions. Make sure you ask everything. Is the dishwasher staying or going with the seller? Are the light fittings? Unless specifically written into a contract, some fixtures and fittings might end up missing come settlement time. Don't be afraid to ask questions you may think sound dumb. But most importantly, tell them to speak to the experts. The Property Partners at The Agency have years of experience and all the knowledge to help you guide your child through their first home buying experience. . . . . . . #realestateperth #perthrealestate #perthproperty #perthisok #theagency #theagencyre #modernhome #apartmentliving #realestatelife #realestategoals #justlisted #openhome #openhouse #realestateinvestor #realestatephoto #teachkids #teachchildren #firsthomeowner #firsthomebuyer #advice

Going somewhere? We have a curtesy trailer for #360mortgagesolutions clients to take advantage of, so before you hire a trailer give me a call!

Time to break out some thinking music! We finally received our welcome pack (2 weeks after they said they sent it) so we paid a visit to the #Hickinbothamdesigncentre in Kent Town to see everything in person. Very glad we did, most colours printed in the book aren’t the same as in person and not everything is even in the book like lighting, tiles, carpets, flooring in general. The design centre is nice though and easy to see what is and isn’t included. Now it’s time to troll Pinterest for colour layouts and wait for those master plans that are apparently already finished and then we can book in!!!!!!!

Registered block ready for you and your family at Waterlea! Exceptional value at $172,500. 🏡 Lot 151, 540m² 📏 18m frontage suitable for a wide range of house packages 🌱 Close to parks and walking tracks Call Dianna today on 0420 102 643 or register at #waterlea #waterleawalloon #ipswichqld #landsales #ipswichrealestate #dreamhome

‘Twas a beautiful afternoon for a Frame Inspection ☀️

Good morning insta☕️✨Blue skies here this morning☀️I’m going to have a lazy morning and then get ready for a charity boxing event this afternoon🙃What are you up to this weekend? Hope you all have a wonderful day!🖤 #grey #greyandwhite #coffee #saturday #morningsun #blackandwhiteprints #homedecor #livingroomdecor #simpledecor #homeinspo #livingroominspo #interiordesign #whiteglosstvunit #firsthome #firsthomeowner #potd

Very happy to accept the end of renting in the near future! Catch ya later rent inspections! 🖤

There’s a four lettered word As offensive as any It holds back the few Puts a stop to the many. You can’t climb that mountain You can’t cross the sea You can’t become anything you want to be. He can’t hit a century They can’t find a cure. She can’t think about leaving or searching for more. Because Can’t is a word with a habit of stopping The ebb and the flow of ideas It keeps dropping itself where we know in our hearts it’s not needed And saying “don’t go” when we could have succeeded. But those four little letters That end with a T They can change in an instant When shortened to three. We can take off the T We can do it today We can move forward not back We can find our own way. We can build we can run We can follow the sun We can push we can pull We can say I’m someone Who refuses to believe That life can’t be better With the removal of one Insignificant letter. #odetocan #ouracomplishment @robbo669 #1yearanniversary #firsthomeowner

I had the pleasure of chatting to @seanstagrammedia this week about the Royal Commission and what it means to you, check it out, link in bio 🎥