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Thinking about all in turkey this weekend and this city that has seen it all #electionday #hope #betterdaysahead

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John KERRY (USA) - "Même si Donald Trump veut sortir de l'Accord de Paris, ce n'est pas la décision du peuple américain!" ✌🏼🌱 🇺🇸 - "While Donald Trump may have pulled out of the Paris Agreement, American people have not!" - #developpementdurable #journéemondialedelenvironnement #makeourplanetgreatagain #parisagreement #ecology #usa #hope #moveon @ecologique_solidaire @johnkerryofficial @whitehouse

A few years ago, I viewed this banner through a narrow filter; I once saw it as something to be disliked. Not only did I dislike the flag, but also the ideals I thought it represented and the people who wielded it. Now that I'm older, and have experienced more life, I realize that what I disliked was the unknown. Being LGBT is a concept that heterosexual people cannot understand - it is something foreign. I also disliked the LGBT community for two reasons - One: I was taught to believe being LGBT was wrong AND - Two: There was something deep inside of me telling me I was gay. Like many gay people, I went through the mill of emotions. Depression was very real and I was my own worst critic. In that stage of life, the possibility of coming out did not seem even remotely possible. It's been more than three years since I came out to my parents, which was one of the biggest hurdles I've ever had to jump over. And now, on the other side of it, I am thankful that we have a healthy relationship. Coming out to my parents helped me take the next step, which was coming out publicly. It's hard to believe, but that was more than TWO years ago now. I never said it, but I am thankful for all of the support I received through it. The encouragement and positivity that was poured out meant the world to me. With that, the passing of a few years, and much mental progress, I can say that when I look at this banner now, I see something different. People see the rainbow and associate it with the LGBT community, but to me it represents something bigger - Inclusion on a broader level. To me, the rainbow is EVERYONE. Regardless of race, religion, gender, age, sexual identity, sexual orientation, etc. So, when I see this banner waving, I know that society associates it with the LGBT community, but my challenge for you is to see it as a banner that represents us all, TOGETHER AS HUMAN! #pride #lgbt #rainbow #flag #banner #hope #lgbtpride #gay #instagay #growth #progress #love #loveislove #lovewins #selfie #prideflag #inclusive #inclusion #keepmovingforward