*Werbung* Ⓗⓐⓟⓟⓨ Ⓢⓤⓝⓓⓐⓨ Hallo ihr Lieben, heute mal ein Detailbild. Anfang der Woche habe ich bei @hejpix diese wunderschönen Retro-Fotostreifen bestellt. Ich bin ganz begeistert von dem Ergebnis. Die Fotografie ist für mich einfach etwas wunderschönes. Ich liebe es Momente einzufangen. Am liebsten würde ich tagtäglich mit der Kamera unterwegs sein. Wenn ich dann Bilder bestelle, kann ich es kaum abwarten, bis sie endlich da sind. Wenn das Ergebnis dann so schön, ist freue ich mich umso mehr 💕 Habt noch einen schönen Sonntag 💕 #happysunday #sunday #enjoytheday #hejpix #retropic #loveit #sobeautiful #photography #instaphoto #instainspo #details #detaislove #detailsoftheday #instadaily #instablogger #blog #blogger #potd

Couple of days back early morning I was on my ride down to Bangalore from nandhi hills, I came across a bike accident that had just happened few moments ago. I couldn’t resist myself to leave looking at the state of the person who was injured. I just pulled over walked up to him and saw that they were few set of guys from Africa and they were students studying in Bangalore and had been to nandhi hills. Found that the boys were covering the wound with dirty socks and then I did my best to help the guy out of it. Am not sharing this to prove any heroics here however my message is very simple and straight, we all might be the most busiest people or upper class, middle class or we could be as poor as possible but please bring in humanity atleast when someone is in need of help during such situations. Your simple help and care who knows can change the fortunes of the person your are helping or even his or hers families fortune. Few years back I too would ignore and evade myself from such incidents even if I witnessed one, thinking very mean that I do not want to get into this shit and be a witness for all this in front of law. But I lost one important person in my life similarly, if at all someone had taken the initiative to help him in time today probably in some shape I would have had him between us. From there on I decided no matter what, no matter whoever, no matter however it happened i will give my 100% reach if I found someone and help in such unexpected situations. I might have done lot many sins in my life and I do not want to wash those sins off by bathing in some holy river I rather would choose to help someone in need and rest let the god take care. Please follow the link that I have shared on my profile to see the entire story. #biker #bikestagram #bikersofindia #ride #ridersofindia #helppeople #accident #helpmehelpyou #indiantraveller #indianbiker #storiesofindia #indianblogger #bloggerindia #blogger #vlogger #humanity #indianexplorers #instahelp #instaaccident #instabikers #injured #goprovideo #travelblogger #travelvideo #instavideo #instablogger @bullet__lovers__ @bulletclubz @bullet_army @royalenfield_shootout @royalenfieldreposts

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