The one and only, Acropolis. (Ft not the one and only flock of tourists)

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📌 Potistika, Pelion, Greece 🌊🌴

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Back streets of Plaka, Athens.

Santorini is a top destination wedding. I didn’t know it’s also an island one goes to propose. Yes, my friends, he asked THE QUESTION. 💍 Don’t get too excited 👉 Spoiler Alert: I said No. 😅 Picture the scene: 2 AM. Heading to the airport, I know crazyyyy (no other options) Anyway I was about to sit on the passenger’s seat in a cab when... Driver: why not sit here [next to him] [I felt it was okay] Driver: You enjoyed Santorini? Me: Yes, thank you. 2min chitchat till the crime scene... Driver: You most beautiful woman I’ve seen. How old are you? Me: 🙄Excuse me?! Driver: 32? Me: What? Driver: Marry me! Me: [Laughing out loud] Driver: 31? 30? 29? 28? 27?... Me: If you keep counting down it will be illegal to marry me 🤣 Driver: What time flight? Go and drink with me? [Oh Lord! I started to freak out. It was dark; the road was empty; me with an unknown Albanian guy...🤪What the hell??? Thank God I don’t watch horror movies... 😱🔪🤣 ] so I made out... Me: A friend of mine is waiting for me at the airport. He just called me. Driver: why not marry me? [Then I understood he was dead serious. Desperate.] Me: [silent, thinking ways to get out if things turned ugly] Driver: I know. You want one man every night? Me: [laughing out loud]..Well, one every night... not sure😅🤣 We arrived at the airport. He fetched my suitcase and, with a pity face, he said again: “Please marry me and go to Albania together.” Santorini -2:30am-Me-The cab driver-Marriage- Albania... couldn’t it be more surreal? 🙄😅😂 I sighed ‘cause I was safe. I took my suitcase and left.