If you’re someone, who loves unconditionally. Your soul is different. Someone who celebrates little moments spent with your loved ones. One of those, who admires the smile on the face of those perfectly flawed face. Someone who is often accused of giving too much and living with high expectations. I want to tell you , That every human in this world loves differently. Most importantly they express it in several forms. Expressing your feelings through words isn’t always the key. Look at their actions , and then you will find tonnes of affection for yourself. Its okay to give without asking . You’re an addition to those rare self less beings of this universe! -lighthouse. . . This one is for all the amazing souls i have been lucky to have met and know.

. Siempre que alguien se entera, me pregunta cómo es tener unos hermanos gemelos. No uno, sino dos. Mi madre lloró mucho el día que se entero que venian dos. Dos biberones y dos baberos. Dos lapices y dos libros de lengua. Dos mochilas y dos pantalones. Dos chicas. Y dos maquinillas de afeitar. Siempre que alguien se entera, me pregunta cómo es tener unos hermanos gemelos. Yo siempre respondo: no sabría tener solo uno. A veces la alegría viene de dos en dos. Y hoy se me hacen un poco mas mayores. De dos en dos, solos, los 2. ¡Felicidades enanos! @luis.fseral @jfseral #poecalvo #cumpleaños #happybirthday #quote #reflexiones #poetry #poesia #texto #instapoetry #instapoem #instacool #instamood #igers #igersmadrid #igersspain #madrid #madridmemata

I was a ballad once, Running for miles at a stretch across your pages. You would often pick me up and read about the oceans That existed inside me, brimming with feelings for you. You never tired of my endless journey across the white pages of your life, Repeating the moments we cherished most. You enjoyed my melodious tune in your lips, And even when you simply read me like a poem. Then slowly I became a song, The number of pages I occupied in your life dramatically reduced. No longer were there oceans, but lakes, And miles and miles of words were squeezed into an acre. You still sang me sometimes, And then simply hummed my tune inside your head instead. No longer were there encores of those former performances, no repeats. And then one day you stopped. I felt the words ebbing away into oblivion Till I was reduced to nothing more than a blank page in the story of your life. I was a ballad once, Melodious and rich with your existence in my tale. A tale I no longer carry and you no longer care to recall. #instagrampoetry #poem #poetry #writersofinstagram #instagramwriterscommunity #poemsporn #ballad #love #lovepoems #wordporn #wordpower #instapoetry #heartbreak #breakupquotes #breakup #ex #spilledink #blankpage #song #songs

How many excuses have you made today? Are you ok with being mediocre? Procrastination and tiredness are my biggest hurdles with building our business, but I get up and do it- not just because I know in my purpose and our business but because I cannot afford to be mediocre- this is not who I am supposed to be. 🌻 I know that anything that happens in my life is essentially my fault, regardless of if it’s good or bad for me. A lot of what happens to us, of what becomes of us, comes back to the choices that we make. 🌻 We will all have some form of trauma, loss, problem to deal with but it’s how we deal with the bad things in our lives that determine how great we will or won’t be. Whatever I’m feeling, whatever I want, whatever I’m going through, ultimately I know it’s how I get through it that matters.🌻 So are you worth it? The long days and nights, are you willing to make the hard decisions, are you willing to love yourself enough to make the sacrifices needed so that you can have control over your life?. Why be basic when you’re supposed to be great-when you can be so much more. The people who love you, will understand that you’re doing something important and they won’t get upset when you say ‘ I’m so sorry but I’m building this business, I’m changing my life and I’ve got no time, I’ve got no money to come out’ they will understand -so love you enough to be worth it all. Ase 🙏🏿 🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻 #tenesiateriann #purplepoetry

Changing the mind of a Taurus is a futile effort, but they will let you keep trying to tire you out. . . . . . . . #PUGEMOStory #PUGEMOQuotes #poetry #poem #puisi #instapopular #instapoetry #instapoem #instapuisi #quotes #taurus #taurusgirl #tauruswoman #zodiacsigns #zodiac


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Working on my #chapbook, part of a new poem. “You can’t keep a sailing ship docked, but I love when you’re around. So I will be your anchor love, but I’ll never hold you down. And if you leave to set sail, then you know that I will too, Cause home is when I’m with you, yea home’s wherever I’m with you.”