Today has been an awfully liberating experience as I've had a chance to talk about women in canonical literature and feminism in literature in general at one of my classes. I was surprised that I was even allowed to tap on the theme when picking up my presentation, since my past experience when talking about feminism was quite saddening. It was amazing though! We talked about literary canon and the modern publishing word and we even had time to discuss themes like gender neutrality and gender roles in society in general. I can't tell you enough how much I loved this. I'm very much thankful for this positive experience. Do you want to share your thoughts on this subject? Or maybe on Virginial Wolf since she's in the photo? 😊 #tea #virginialwolf #mrsdolloway #classics #feminism #literature #literarycanon #feminisminliterature #womeninliterature #girlpower #bookstagram #books #book #bookphotography #bookphoto #bookishphotography #bookishphoto #bookinsta #bookinstagram #alphonsmucha #artnoveau #vintage #bookishinstagram #bookishinsta

How amazing is this street artwork of William Shakespeare just around the corner from the infamous Globe Theatre in London, where his plays were originally performed?!🎭 what’s your favourite Shakespearean play? 🤔 #art #streetart #colour #colourful #williamshakespeare #shakespeare #globe #theglobe #theatre #plays #english #literature #language #literary #blog #blogger #london #paint #painting #literarycanon #shakesperean #act #actor #perform #performance #stage

Up there with the greats: Our books cut a dashing figure in this old IKEA Billy bookcase, do they not? #billyshelf #ikeaofsweden #bone_camera #sauerland #literarycanon #uptherewithdickens

“This is how the world ends, I think, everything crazy yet people doing normal things.” • • • • • This story moved me with its sparse, powerful writing and intense plot line. Set in an dystopian alternate timeline of now, it captures all the fears we are all engaging with (or not, some of us ignore what we clearly see for it is easier to be blind than to accept our world; ourselves changing). As someone currently attempting to perfect my own novel-in-progress set in an alternate timeline dystopia, reading this was so completely inspirational. Louise Erdrich is one of my long time absolute favorites and to see her jump out from her usual strictly literary fiction world into this genre blew me away. Each sentence is crafted to stun the reader onto the next, each page tells its own tale that moves the plot ahead. Truly brilliant. Absolutely perfect storytelling. #louiseerdrich #literaryfiction #literarydystopia #dystopianfiction #literarycanon #upmarketfiction #amwritingfiction #mountainviewMFA #authorsofinstagram

Happy Friday, book pals! I thought it was about time I showed off one of my prized possessions. 📚 My mom gave me this star for Christmas; she made it from the pages of Little Women! It was such a thoughtful gift, and I’m in love with it. 😍 Speaking of things I’m in love with, I am obsessed with this clothbound White’s Fine edition of Jane Eyre! I can definitely blame someone here on Instagram for this purchase, but I have no idea who. Since Jane Eyre is a favorite of mine, I knew I had to have this one! 👀 QOTD: What was the last book you purchased because of bookstagram? -Len #bookreadhappyhour: Morally grey. Mr. Rochester. #novelbeanapril: Book I recommend #fangirlinginapril: Stand Alones #bookstagram #homelibrary #bookishcraft #bookishmerch #janeeyre #charlottebronte #bookcollecting #whitesfineeditions #classicliterature #ireadclassics #literarycanon #englishliterature #staybookish

“What we see before us is just one tiny part of the world” -Haruki Murakami / The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle ... even if, in our lives, we tend to think that it’s all there is... 👀🙌 “Onumuzde gordugumuz aslinda dunyanin sadece ufacik bir parcasi” -Haruki Murakami / The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle ... hayatlarimizin bundan ibaret oldugunu dusunmeye meyl etsek de 🙌🤓 #whatwesee #justatiny #partoftheworld #harukimurakami #thewindupbirdchronicle #journeythroughliterature #literarycanon #thestoryof #literature #literaryvibes

Like many, I loved Peter Pan as a child. Who didn’t dream of not growing up, of being able to fly, of endless possibilities? . Since I’d only watched performances and films of Peter Pan when I was younger, I decided to finally read the book. . I didn’t expect that I’d be so disappointed. I mean, I didn’t enjoy the prose but that’s the least of my concerns. What I discovered were sexist and racist elements that I realised we don’t discuss enough. . Wendy’s value lay in being a “mother” and nothing more. Tinkerbell was extremely jealous of Wendy for Peter’s affections and didn’t care if Wendy were to die, so that she may have Peter’s attention again. Wendy’s mother too, had an unattainable kiss that was reserved for Peter. The Native Americans were referred to as “savages,” “redskins” and the “Piccaninny tribe.” They called Peter Pan the “great white father” and submitted themselves to him. . When it comes to classics, they reflect the cultural values of when they were written. We can’t go back to change that, obviously. But what we can do is to speak out against such narratives. We can raise awareness about racist and sexist tropes in stories. . Yes, I used to love Peter Pan as a child and was enamoured by the fantastical world it painted. However, now that I’ve removed those rose-tinted glasses, I’m reflecting more on what it means for us today that we hold on to “classics” that undermine women and people of colour. Should we reevaluate literary canon? Is it okay to leave it intact, if we acknowledge these problems? . My thoughts are that they’re pieces of history, so we shouldn’t erase them. At the same time, it’s important that we discuss these works in their context, and then dissect the prejudices that these texts hold. Going forward, we must be aware and careful about which books we add to our modern canon for our descendants to remember us by. My hope is that more #diversebooks will receive the acknowledgement they deserve. . What do you think? How do you approach racism and sexism in literature?

LITERARY CANON: Walt Whitman ... “GLIDING o’er all, through all. / Through Nature, Time and Space. / As a ship on the waters advancing, / The voyage of the soul -not life alone, / Death, many deaths I’ll sing.” / Leaves of Grass (1855) ... Whitman emphasizes in this poem that the individual’s soul needs to glide through life with ease and control; that one is connected to the world both physically and metaphorically, for the soul has a relationship with the infinite universe. He explains that life’s journey has arrivals and departures where one takes in connections and experiences and becomes molded by them. At the same time, he wants to emphasize that one’s soul flows through life from arrival to departure, taking in experiences and learning from them. To Whitman, one’s physical journey in life doesn’t take in experiences, but their unique soul does and ultimately creates the individual. At the end of the poem, Whitman uses an irony to explain that the individual should embrace death, instead of fear and oppose. Thus the individual must accept nature for what it is and move along from it. By saying ‘singing of many deaths’ Whitman uses this irony in order to show us his positive attitude towards death, for which he is ready to embrace. So, all in all, ‘gliding over all’ includes everything in life, even death; that the individual must accept and embrace all, even if some are not joyful 🤔💭📚 #waltwhitman #glidingoverall #leavesofgrass #analysisby #kennethbui #americanpoet #transcendentalism #romanticliterature #journeythroughliterature #literarycanon

Those that read my ramblings will know about my eternal struggle with my never ending tbr pile. You’ll also know that I love reading books in translation, world literature and generally taking an inclusive and diverse approach to the books I read. Large parts of my tbr pose a contradiction to this, as this stack of books illustrates. In 2010, I read 100 books, which was probably the most I’ll ever be able to read in a 12 month period while I have a job and social life. So I decided to challenge myself to a set reading list of 100 books, to be read in no set timeframe (but I didn’t think I’d still be going 7 years on), of the literary canon. I took 10 top 100 lists and curated my own of the most repeated books that at that point I hadn’t read. As you can probably guess, the authors were mostly white men. These all all the unread books on my 100 list that I own (there are another 13 unread that I don’t have yet). As I am determined to read my tbr and reduce it to a manageable size, I often don’t read as diversely as I would if I were reading just books I were buying new now. But, I do think it’s important to know the canon to get the full benefit of reading beyond the canon, to view diverse reads with the Dickenses and Lawrences and Joycee and Faulkners of the world. Anyway, enough rambles - I’m late and must dash!! (Story of my life) Tell me about your TBR? Has it kept up with your evolving tastes?

Tonight at PEN Out Loud, bestselling & award-winning middle grade/young adult fiction author Jason Reynolds and Pulitzer Prize–winning poet Gregory Pardlo in a candid discussion on the importance of literary canon that is representative, contemporary, and hopeful ❤️💜💙 Such a wonderful discussion. I wish it could’ve lasted longer!

Happy Birthday, Mr. Hugo! Born on this day in 1802, Victor Hugo pushed for social change through his writing. Arguably one of the greatest writers of all time and whose place is cemented into the literary cannon, Hugo was also elected to France's National Assembly in 1848, where he campaigned for universal suffrage, free education for all children and an end to poverty. #literarycanon #mondaymotivation #inspiredtowrite #makeadifference #seizetheday #seizetheopportunity #victorhugo

Anybody who thinks Bill is no longer relevant to our lives, or education, ...take a glance at how his words permeate the language we use on a daily basis. And we have little awareness that we employ them every day in our casual utterings. Rereading 'Othello' and infatuated yet again with the power of the bard's words. It might not bring the bucks in, but I bloody love words and our English literary heritage. Geek speech over and out... . #williamshakespeare #relevant #englishliterature #education #wordsarelife #literarycanon #ilovelanguage #thankyou #billtheboss #writers #language

Truth. . #queenlatifah #mayaangelou #poetry #literarycanon @queenlatifah @jasonreynolds83