* * これからも沢山乾杯したいと思った。 * * 工場見学オススメだからみんなも是非! * * 一年前の食事会を覚えててくれて、色々話せて楽しかったです。また遊び行きますね。 * * #ビール工場見学 #赤レンガ倉庫 #野毛飲み #mystic #pal #横浜 #吉田さんお久しぶりです

Wakeboarding as a 30th Birthday present 🎁 🏄‍♂️ #wakeboarding #mystic #thannhausen #turncablethannhausen #goodlife #sun #lifeisgood

Happy Saturday guys! I want to let all of you know who have standing orders in my Shop that I will be working on orders today and will have them all finished and ready to ship out on Monday morning. Pictured is my Sovereignty Oil. I recently added it to the Shop. A few of you have bought vials. I hope that you're enjoying it as much as I do! This is a blend that I've used for quite a while and never put into the shop until now. The Oil blend is based off of an ancient recipe called Abramelin Oil. It was a ritual oil blend made from aromatic plants in ancient times. It experienced a revival in Western Esoteric magick in the 20th century after a famous Golden Dawn founder MacGregor Mathers began working with it for the purposes of Hermetic Magick. His contemporary Aleister Crowley made his own version of the Oil. This blend is Crowley's version. This oil is for the Witch walking the Labyrinth of claiming Sovereignty to their inner power. Much of our energy work as witches invokes a concept of claiming personal power and the responsibility that comes when you choose to release your personal energy into the world. Staking claim to your inner truth is a part of personal Sovereignty... to become Sovereign is to be reborn as an energy worker because you're telling the universe what your intention is without the baggage of negative past experiences. I found this Oil to be potent while doing intention work for rebirth and shedding. You can be reborn everyday. The practice of daily #Sadhana is useful with this oil. Doing this becomes a practice of daily ritual spiritual cleansing. I have found this oil to be beneficial to empaths, healers, artists and those who experience emotional burn out easily from Energy Work. The ingredients of this blend are a cinnamon, myrrh and a essential oil from the galangal root. Galangal is a powerful cleansing and invoking plant energy to work with. You will often find it in ancient Egyptian incense blends. The essential oils in this blend are not from the shelves of random new-age stores or from the pages of azure green. This oil blend is important and therefore these blends arrived directly from Egypt🙏

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Original poetry from last summer ▶▶▶ . . Last night You let the cat in Out of the bag And into the house I had to clean Shit from the shower Before I could clean My aching vessel And as I scrub Away the mess I can't help thinking What life would be like Without you in it . . . #writer #creativity #thoughts #honesty #fear #loathing #realizations #poetry #mystic #cleanse #instapoetry #expression #higherself #change #growth

The future depends on what we do in the present

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Tótem ave pescadora #mystic #mujerempoderada