What did you do on the New Moon Solar Eclipse? —-🌚🌞—-The night prior I pulled “steak” from our deep freezer to thaw... once thawed, and dripping blood, kettle a blaze and ready to cook, I reached for the protein. Upon opening the bag I realized that the meat... was ME. 🧐 Exactly 5 months after birthing the after birth, she turned up again. 💫 what’d this eclipse bring up for you? Figuratively and sometimes literally emotions/relationships/spirits/organs 😜 come back into our immediate awareness.——🤓 I took my placenta, my babies first home, back to my witch circle ⭕️ an herb garden of nettles #urticadioica moon flower #sacreddartura (incredibly toxic and beautiful plant) #clover and #thistle. 🌱🌿 I examined this work of god through the eyes of my technical training and with awe in my spirit. The end of the cord, cut by my beloved partner, severed the physical connection between my baby and I, the stretchy membrane contained his 8 lb. 9oz. Body and the rough looking edges attached themselves to the anterior portion of my upper right uterine lining. 🌹 to honor our postpartum time is to honor the internal wound the size of a dinner plate that bleeds fresh, anywhere from 2-6weeks. Like much of the womben experience this wound is not scene, therefore it is not valued. #paidmaternityleaveworldwide next time your out in public and you see a new mother, remember that she carries this vulnerability inside, she’s done the hardest work of her life and the task has only just begun, and dammmit she is likely still bleeding, but it is this blood, the life force that brings us all into being, just look at the vasculature 👁 did you know that the blood volume in a pregnant womben doubles by 20 weeks gestation♥️♥️ RED 🔻the color of survival, of the root chakra, the very root of our existence ♦️ to honor the menses, our cycles and all walks of wombenness is to actively rebel against the patriarchy. May we honor this power of creation and protect it from those that wish to govern it. 🙏 I thanked my bodies innate intelligence and offered myself back into the land, the big mama. The placenta/planet we all call home, Mother Earth 🌏

Now is a powerful time to set intentions for the next round of manifestations and see them come into fruition 🙏🏻 Join us on this transformational journey to clear negative blocks and realign our energy centers at the beautiful beach!! Afterwards we can put our feet on the ocean to ground ourselves 🙏🏻 Mercury and Jupiter gongs will bless us and balance the throat and crown chakras, along with crystal singing bowls and an array of ancient sound healing instruments 💖 #newmoon . . . . . . . #santamonicaevents #santamonicapier #newmoon #newmoonritual #santamonica #beachparty #loveyourself #raiseyourvibration #bethechange #thehappynow #soundbathhaven #soundbaths #soundtherapy #soundhealing #soundbath #singingbowls #crystalbowls #gongbath #gongplay #highvibetribe #yourvibeattractsyourtribe #followyourbliss #loveistheanswer #iheartla #losangeleslove #zenaf #findyourtribe #lalife #lalaland

to me, soul mates are those people who understand you without saying a single word. they’re the people you feel an instant connection ~ instant knowing ~ with the second you meet. the people you can sit in silence with or can talk on the phone to for hours without noticing time passing. and this babe is definitely one of them. our story is so full of ‘coincidences’ that i wouldn’t even know how to condense it, but we were so clearly always meant to be in each others lives. ✶ we ‘randomly’ started talking online because i had ~ 🦋 ~ in my bio (@beefreeliving s personal sign from the universe) and connected effortlessly but lived in different states of the country. fast forward a few months and we both unexpectedly ended up moving to sydney within a week of each other, living only 5 minutes apart ~ i’m still convinced some dude in the sky just picked us both up and threw us into the same place so we had no choice but to get to know each other. every time we’re together, we can’t even get through a single conversation without being universally slapped with messages and realisations and we know that together, we were made to create magic. but it wasn’t until we were both aligned with ourselves, open and ready that we ‘manifested’ into each others lives. ✶ i’ve lost track of all that we’ve manifested, particularly when intentionally creating in sync with the moon cycles, and we’d love to share what we’ve learnt and help you to create your own dream life. ✶ would you be interested in joining us during the new moons for a free online new moon intention setting and manifestation workshop/meditation? 🌙 ✶ i believe we have the power to create our own realities and together, this power is only amplified even more. if you’d be interested, let me know below or message me. looking forward to manifesting with you 💜

One of my favourite ways to use my moon bowl. 100% sealed after being put fired it makes the perfect little dish for palo santo or sage. Mine gets used all the time as I burn palo santo each new moon, and often during my yoga practice too! 🧘🏼‍♀️ #newmoonritual #palosanto #pitfiredpottery #liquidquartz

Start moving funny and I’ll move right on out of your way 😌 This mercury in retrograde/ new moon has me doing a whole 180. The universe said “ I don’t care if you’re ready, you’re about to learn today”. This cleanse reminded me that I’m from Chicago and we don’t entertain goofy in any aspect. I’m fat I don’t chase after anyone. feel like it’s a whole new bitch that’s been dipped in gold with the ante getting higher by the year🍯🍯🍯🍯🍯🍯 Check pic #4 for a surprise and good day 😂 Also stop doing stuff for lames and thank me later 😘 #retrograde #newmoonritual #bbw #bbwlovers #plussizefashion #melanin #melaninpoppin

#fullmoon 🌕 in 5 days ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• I love the #magic the moon provides . #newmoonritual can increase the benefits and power of the #moon ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• ritual of the full moon should be #purging and #letting go of all we don’t require in our lives anymore. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••Simple and effective rituals are: 1. soaking in moonlight 2. Journal ritual - write everything you want to release and write at end -I release all that no longer serves me ( I like to burn 🔥 the sheet - for an extra release of the items) 3. Sage Clearing yourself, home, workplace and car. 4. Charge crystals under the moonlight: place them under moonlight to recharge them and program them (to a specific purpose and/ or intension ) ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••happy #newmoon blessings•••••••••••••••••••

#BloodStone #Palmstones are up on the site, click the link in bio to grab your own! Bloodstone is technically #greenjasper with red inclusions of #hematitie. Bloodstone is a powerful healing stone used for 1000s of years for its healing properties. Bloodstone is often used to purify and detox the body. 🌹Regarded as a gem of noble sacrifice, the legend if bloodstone declares the blood of Christ, which flowed from the spear thrust, fell upon a green jasper lying @ the foot of the cross, and from this sprang the bloodstone variety of Jasper. As a talisman, it was reputed to bring its owner fortune riches and fame 😍💎 Associated with Mars and the Zodiac signs of #pisces #Libra and #Aries 😍 going up on the site tonight . . . . .NeferPhoenix is here to remind you 🌹🔥 . 🌻💐🌷🌼🌸🌹🌺🥀 . .. . . . . . #crystals #crystalvideo #newmoonritual #selflove #blackgirlmagic #spiritualblackgirls #selfcare #afrolatina #herbalbath #mercurydirect #sage #gucci #leoseason #Nefertiti #NeferPhoenix #crystalstore #Orishas #Oshun #goddessknowledge #crystalshop #blackowned

🌑new moon birthmark🌑

So blown away and grateful for all the support and positive feedback on the Cosmic Babes Club! 😭🙏🏽💕🌙🔮✨ I’m so excited to have been able to create something that’s accessible, informative and fun for you! It’s been a labor of love getting this baby off the ground and figuring out the logistics (I’m a 👵🏼 when it comes to new technology #canwestilluseAOLinstantmessenger) but it’s here and I couldn’t be happier 🤗🎉💗 If you want to learn more about New Moon magic and how to use its energy to manifest and change yo life like I have, and you’re not a member yet - GIRL whatchu doing?! This was created for YOU. Yes, you! 💗 There’s so much value and info here and I’m keeping the price low at 11.11 because I want this to be accessible to everyone. 🧚🏼‍♀️ Check our the link in my bio to learn more and feel free to message me if you have questions ✨💌 #thecosmicbabesclub - - - #newmoon #newmoonritual #newmoonenergy #spiritualawakening #spiritualpath #spirituality #moonmagic #moonchild #magicbabe #witchesofinstagram #astroalignment #energyhealing

SoulCollage is a process in which one create a personal deck of collaged cards that each represent a different energy(or a part of you) in your life. • It can be very insightful and you can use your deck in many ways... •Prompts for journaling or art making. •Asking questions and readings (like tarot) •Using specific cards (energies) in a ritual, meditation, or visualization. •September 9 from 10am-12pm will be a SoulCollage making group that will focus on making cards for the New Moon cycle and what you want to manifest in this next cycle. 🌙✨sign up at @littledameshop

I can't dance sorry

Finding a place where you can completely be yourself with no judgement, belonging to a group of women who support you, accept you, and with whom you find friendship. Circle is a place where you are able to open up and heal, a place to call home. Circle is where you find your tribe. Because “when women gather, magic happens.” When women come together, there is nothing on this Earth more powerful. Come find out for yourself. Email: [email protected] to save your place in the in-person or virtual circle, or for questions or details. #therootedgoddess #mooncircles #moongoddess #moonmagick #girlgang #whenwomengathermagichappens #soulmagic #findingyourtribe #womensupportingwomen #womenempoweringwomen #togetherwerise #settingintentions #rituals #womenareamazing #feelthemagic #newmooninvirgo #newmoonritual #newmooncircle #youareabadass #youaremagic #hatestopshere #soulmagic #healingtogether #lovealwayswins #loveyourself

True most of the time 😂👍🏼

Test print detail for my new moon linocut. The big reveal coming sooOooon.

NOW AVAILABLE IN THE SHOP! ✨New Moon Ritual Candle✨ * * The New Moon is all about setting intentions. What seeds will you plant this month? What aspects of your life will you cultivate, and which will you let go? How will your intuition guide you along your path? ✨ This candle symbolizes new beginnings offered during this phase. Made with myrrh, frankincense, patchouli oils, and topped with dried lavender. Made with 100% natural soy wax and beeswax wicks. ✨ Offers a light, airy, and introspective scent. The aromatics are also great for relieving stress, lifting depression, and allowing for clearer focus and intention. ✨ Comes in 3 sizes: -small: 2oz (pictured) -medium: 4oz -large: 5oz ✨ Large candle comes topped with Labradorite stone chips! Labradorite is the stone of the new moon and helps to purify your energy, open clear communication, and works to clear and open all chakras. 🙏🏻 Shop now through the link in the bio! #NewMoon #Ritual #NewMoonRitual #Intentions #NewBeginnings #SoyCandles #NaturalCandles #Energy #Purify #Myrrh #Frankincense #Patchouli #Labradorite #Chakras #HigherSelf #ShopNow #EtsyShop #WitchesOfInstagram #WitchyThings #WitchyVibes #Magic #Spirituality #Meditation #Altar #FireElement #Divine #Natural #Relax #Healing #Crystals