Disclaimer: Long paragraph ahead, please spread love and positivity. Love you alllll 💗 - - - 🌿After hearing her interview recently on where she is talking about the Manchester tragedy, it really reminded me that she is so strong. It breaks my heart what she has had to go through, it breaks my heart what the audience and families and victims had to go through. I can really feel her pain in this particular interview. However, in contrast to this on Ariana she is so fricken strong and powerful. She is a strong woman, a strong human. She has many battles like any other person. But, the way she treats these battles through her self love and improvement is what makes her a decent and humble human being maybe even better than she realises herself. Ariana you are strong, you are beautiful inside and out and you are human. Seeing her cry in the interview and being so genuine really broke my heart, but it also made me proud and happy. In the sense that she is showing people that it is okay to grieve and it is okay to not be okay all the time but the way you handle it is most important. Huge respect to Ariana and everyone else involved and affected. She deserve nothing but love and happiness. In fact, everyone single one of you deserves love and happiness. Ariana I support and love you so much. Cry, laugh, get angry, be human. You opening up about mental health in the interview really made me appreciate you infinitely, just like it did before. Nothing changed. You speaking about issues in life people aren’t talking about but are highly important is just right intelligent, it shows you care, it shows that you want best for everyone. Ariana people like you are hard to find these days. Keep looking after yourself and others. May all your trails end in full bloom. Ariana Grande you are my everything. 🌿❤️ @arianagrande ~ - - - - #ariana #grande #love #proud #strong #sweetener #myeverything #pete #davidson #arianagrande #butera #onelastime #getwellsoon

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This underrated perfomance

You say?... 👇🗨️

I'm literally crying, this is very very emotional, I'm so sad about Ariana ♡

She is so adorable ahhh

In love with WinterThings s tbh

Frankie!!! ♡