Just some fun from yesterday! Today I will ride again 😍 Almost can’t wait! #academicartofriding #groundwork #youngster #instahorse #horsesofinstagram #pintohorse #horsevideo

Me looking longingly at The Event @rebeccafarm like... 🤔QOTD: Have you been/are you there? Should Gypsy and I go next year or will we get creamed? 😂

I’m in Corpus Christi today with the family. We went to the beach, then after getting clean we went to a gallery for local artists. This tile has a print of a painting done by a local artist named Victoria Allen. It’s so pretty! It reminds me of my mom’s rescue horse, Tonto. I can’t wait to find a good spot in the house for it! #supportartists #paintedhorse #pintohorse #horseonthebeach #jenscircle #art #artistsoninstagram

I cant even begin to say how much I love this horse. He gives me everything I ask for and more. He keeps an eye on me and makes sure I'm ok. He would risk himself over me getting hurt. Hes a once in a lifetime horse. And im glad to have been the one that gets to spend eternity with him. He is in fact, my heart horse.

“Don’t wait until you are ready to take action. Instead, take action to be ready.”🌻 ~ I called the Vet this morning regarding Champ’s stifles (read my previous post for more information). The swelling hasn’t gone down very much, but it also hasn’t gotten worse! The vet said to make sure he is turned out as much as possible to help the swelling go down, to cold hose him for 10 min on each leg, and give him a scoop of bute, along with the other paste he game me morning & night for 3 days. He thinks it should be better by tomorrow and HOPEFULLY it will be gone by Monday. I would really like to get him allergy tested to see what he is allergic to but that’s probably not going to happen... 😂 I’m not going to ride until Tuesday, and on Tuesday I’ll probably just do a little bit of long and low to stretch out every thing. Until then, I’m just going to keep up with my cold hosing & hand walking. 👌🏼 ~ #paintsdoitbest #americanpainthorse #markedforgreatness #imagallantknight #ptha #apha #pintohorse #painthorse

First time banding long mane like this I think I did a pretty decent job 👌🏽👌🏽

I tired

riding edit of my ride on valentino yesterday. he was really good except for when i wanted him to jump an oxer. he was not liking that oxer 😂❤️ he stopped in front of the oxer and he’s never stopped before also at the end of my rides i like to loosen my reins all the way and trot and canter on a loose rein and let him stretch. i love when horses stretch down when you ride 😂😍

Ok, we all know how much Roman and I dislike Trail and are not good at it. But today we had the best Trail goes we have ever had. (Videos later?) They weren't perfect by far, but some of the obstacles were the best we have ever done them. Interested in what the future holds for this class.

Even though he's my little halfbrother, he protects me like a big one 💕 Photo by @otto_gombocz_photography . . 🇦🇹 Auch wenn er mein kleiner Halbbruder ist, beschützt er mich wie ein großer 💕

"On a warm summer day when the relative humidity is high, it may seem even warmer than the thermometer indicates." An easy workout today, but poor Grafen was drenched in sweat. He gave me everything he got despite the heat! 💛 #gettingbetter #horsebackriding #riding #horsesofinstagram #dressage #dressagehorse #dressagepony #dressagerider #dressyr #häst #ponny #horse #pony #pferd #pintohorse #pinto #equestrian #Prigges

Like I told @briclack06 I’m great at beautiful riding faces