Scored a new Haworthia Succulent today! 🌵

home again

Violet is still blooming... The first pic is from 7 this morning, the second at 230pm.

Why do I feel I will start working when my coffee does? Have a motivated Monday! #mondaymotivation #mondaymood photo credit: @arnoldmaurer model: @o.hammond @lydie_canada

mama monstera looking really big and beautiful today 🌿🍃 #monstera #monsteramonday #plantsinpots #plantbased #plantsofinstagram #leafy #leafprint

Even though it’s winter here I still have a number of cuttings in water. This monstera cutting was taken from my main plant when I discovered it was suffering from root rot, this was the only way I could save it... take a cutting and start again. In spite of the cold the root nodes have activated and are growing. I look forward to a #monstermonday in the not too distant future when a new leaf is finally revealed. 💚