These tired eyes come to you from project get the fuck back in your own bed week 🙌🏽 Feeling good though after my workout this morning and boy did some resistance show up before posting it 🙄 That little ratbag Britney that hangs on my right shoulder sometimes was there this morning saying “you look so fat, no one needs to see that” so obviously I told Britney to EAD because that’s exactly why I should post it #everydaywoman #everydaybody Swipe for all that bloated glory and toddler poo interruptions 😂

Shoutout to this little legend that has put up a very stressed mama and has spent weekends on end occupying himself a lot of the time while Mummy worked hard to finish her study and just when I’ve felt so tired and struggled to push on he would cover my face in stickers and remind me the importance of play 🤪 Study time is over my sweet little man so we will go away for the weekend and do nothing but PLAY!!! You are my everything sweet boy 😘