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I was having a conversation with someone about me finishing school and they replied with, “it doesn’t really count.” Meaning just because I do distance education or homeschool, it doesn’t mean I’ve done the hard work. Okay yes, I do my school work from home, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t had to face the struggles, stress and workload any less. I definitely feel when I tell people or talk to people about my “unconventional” way of finishing school they have that automatic judgement, but what people don’t understand is that I’ve had to learn discipline and hard work to a whole new level. Although, I follow the same curriculum as “normal school”, I have to read, learn and write everything on my own accord, there’s no teacher to teach the class (I do have teachers I can email and call for help😊), no input from other classmates, nothing to copy from a board and no simple raise the hand and the teacher will come. I could easily not do any school work and chill around all day, but my self discipline has changed. I made this choice, and I’ve worked hard for my academic achievements. People also forget about the fact that I did attend public school from K-8 and I had some great times (mostly year 7) but “normal” school was always hard for me. I will not be told my way of schooling makes me any less than the next person, and by me choosing happiness, it “doesn’t really count.” ✨(sorry for grammar and punctuation errors I could be fked to check)