I would just like to read my whale song fiction in peace without immediately sexualizing the female scientist, ok? #womeninscience #womeninstem #womeninliterature #flukebook #fluke #whalefiction #christophermoore #credentials #gross

"Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose" (Gertrude Stein) Zum von @buchkolumne ins Leben gerufenen #femalefriday möchte ich an die faszinierende Schriftstellerin, Verlegerin und Kunstsammlerin #gertrudestein (1874-1946) erinnern, die gemeinsam mit ihrem Bruder Leo Stein und ab 1913 mit ihrer Lebensgefährtin Alice B. Toklas in #paris einen Salon führte. Dort trafen sich damals noch unbekannte Künstler*innen wie #pablopicasso oder #henrimatisse und auch Schriftsteller*innen wie #ernesthemingway. Gertrude Stein ist für ihren experimentellen Schreibstil bekannt, mit dem sie sich über literarische Konventionen hinwegsetzte. . . . #rose #gertrudestein #alicebtoklas #femalefriday #femaleempowerment #literatur #literature #pink #rosen #schriftstellerin #writersofinstagram #femalewriters #womeninliterature #paris #overcomeconventions #womenstudies #salon #literarischersalon #poem #gedicht #roseisaroseisarose #flowerzdelight #floral_perfection #amateurphotographer #letitflow #ohnefilter #flowersofinstagram

“O medo que estivera sempre ali era papável, enquanto caminhava à chuva, e depois no nevoeiro. Sabia agora como era perder-se no jardim. Um jogo da cabra-cega em que não era preciso contar e não era precisa uma venda. E quando me voltei já não conseguia ver a casa.” #Karen #AnaTeresaPereira #TodaviaLivros #LiteraturaPortuguesa #portugueseliterature #romance #novel #leiamulheres #mulheresnaliteratura #womeninliterature #womenwriters #mulheresescritoras #bookworm #bookstagram #instabook #dicadeleitura #leituradavez #livrodavez #booklover #bookaddicted #amoler #pilhadelivros #pileofbooks #literatura #literature #igbook #livros #books

In my book club @kaweafrica we are currently reading EFURU by FLORA NWAPA. We decided to read EFURU by Flora Nwapa because we think all Nigerians should read it. It's a classic and the first book to be published by an African Woman. For someone whose focus has been African Literature for the past three years I felt so embarrassed when people asked why I hadn't read Efuru. . . . Efuru is an easy read and discusses a whole lot of feminine issues which I can't wait to talk about at the next meeting. . . . Something struck me in Page 14/15 of Efuru and that is the not too graphic but very powerful description of genital mutilation. . . . "You are the young wife, my daughter. You are beautiful, my daughter. I will be gentle with you. Don't be afraid". The woman went to the back of the house and there it was done. Efuru screamed and screamed. It was so painful. Her mother-in-law consoled her. "It will be over, my daughter don't cry".... . . . Shudders. The horror that is Female Genital Mutilation. This poem by Warsan Shire is powerful yet disturbing and sad. And I hope that we can in one way, we part of the conversation. Have you read EFURU by FLORA NWAPA? . . . I miss book blogging but I will be back after bar exams which has to be the scariest thing ever I guess. #WarsanShire #Poetry #Poems #FridayPoetry #FemaleGenitalMutilation #AfricanLiterature #Efuru #FloraNwapa #WomenInLiterature #Art #Culture #Lifestyle #BookBlogger #TheAfroReader

When it rains good poetry it pours: And My Heart Crumples Like A Coke Can by Ali Whitelock arrived in the mail today. I flick through and land on My Friend's Vagina, then Ode To An Ovary. This is going to be awesome. #womeninliterature #womenauthors #femalepoets #wakefieldpress

Marjane Satrapi (Persian: مرجان ساتراپی‎) (born 22 November 1969) is an Iranian-born Frenchgraphic novelist, cartoonist, illustrator, film director, and children's book author. Satrapi was born in Rasht, Iran. She grew up in Tehran in a middle-class Iranian family.Both her parents were politically active and supported Marxist causes against the monarchy of the last Shah. When the Iranian Revolution took place in 1979, they were dismayed and intimidated by the Muslim fundamentalists who took power. Her parents grew concerned that the young Marjane, a strong-willed and rambunctious teenager, would run afoul of the strict new public codes for women.They arranged for her to study abroad, and in 1983 she arrived in Vienna, Austria to attend the Lycée Français de Vienne. According to her autobiographical graphic novel, Persepolis, she stayed in Vienna through her high-school years, staying in friends' homes, but spent three months living on the streets. After an almost deadly bout of pneumonia, she returned to Iran. She studied visual communication, eventually obtaining a master's degree from Islamic Azad Universityin Tehran. Satrapi became famous worldwide because of her critically acclaimed autobiographical graphic novels, originally published in French in four parts in 2000–2003 and in English translation in two parts in 2003 and 2004, respectively, as Persepolis and Persepolis 2, which describe her childhood in Iran and her adolescence in Europe. Persepolis won the Angoulême Coup de Coeur Award at the Angoulême International Comics Festival. She has also contributed to the Op-Ed section of The New York Times. Comics Alliance listed Satrapi as one of twelve women cartoonists deserving of lifetime achievement recognition. Satrapi prefers the term "comic books" to "graphic novels.""People are so afraid to say the word 'comic'," she told the Guardian newspaper in 2011. "It makes you think of a grown man with pimples, a ponytail and a big belly. Change it to 'graphic novel' and that disappears. No: it's all comics." #marjanesatrapi #womeninliterature #womenwriters #persepolis

Regrann from @officiallindaikeji - In 2010, I wrote and published a book called 'It Takes You', an inspirational book to encourage others to keep fighting for their dreams. I was broke and not in the best phase of my life and all the words that I told myself to keep me motivated were the things that I put down in the book. A year after the book was published, my life changed. . I'm really thinking of updating the book and republishing it! . We only managed to produce 1,000 copies back then. And truly, it takes YOU (and God) for your life to change. Your mindset, the decisions you make, the will and drive you have and the people around you can make all the difference. - #regrann #womeninliterature #womeninbusiness #womenboss #TheAfricanWomanNg

My first Susan Cooper, in honor of her birthday. #susancooper #seaward #womeninliterature #margaretkmcelderrybooks

The blurb says “dark tragi-comedy” which really means there is little to zero body count (as Shakespeare’s tragedies are known for 💀. 👀 Hamlet!) So I laughed aloud at some parts but mostly it made me 🤔 and consider my own beliefs. Going for a re-read in 3, 2, 1... (Update: reread earlier this morning. Final verdict ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️) . . Fancy, flowery, old language aside, I think the narrative is as human and as relevant in our modern day as it was in Shakespeare’s 1600s. Major themes on balancing of justice and mercy, sex, morality, hypocrisy, virtue, forgiveness and repentance. . . SOME FAVE QUOTES: . “Hence shall we see if power changes purpose, what our seemers be.” (Duke, Act I Scene 4) . “Our doubts are traitors,  And make us lose the good we oft might win by fearing to attempt.” (Lucio, Act 1 Scene 5) . “Some rise by sin. And some by virtue fall.” (Escalus, Act 2 Scene 1) . “O, it is excellent  To have a giant's strength, but it is tyrannous to use it like a giant. (Isabella, Act 2 Scene 2) . “Virtue is bold, and goodness never fearful.” (Duke Vincentio, Act 3 scene 1) . Haste still pays haste, and leisure answers leisure, Like doth quit like, and measure still for measure. (Duke, Act 5 Scene 1) . . 📚: $.99 thrift-store buy. 🎧: I read the book while listening to a 1951 audio recording available on Youtube channel, Oregon Shakespeare Festival. 📷: Two days ago, me wearing something from Grammas storage chest (Or so it would seem 😂) . . #williamshakespeare #shakespeare #plays #poetryandplays #classicenglishliterature #measureformeasure #lawandmercy #grace #power #authority #justice #womeninliterature #isabella #heroines #readalltheshakespeare #light #darkness #photography #ruffles #eyelet

We have been patiently waiting for the release of this book by the girls over @slayinyourlane. The team is excited that’s it’s so close now! . All women of colour need to read this book featuring some amazing trailblazers. . It will be available from 12th July but you can pre- order now on Amazon. . Check out the link in our bio to pre-order! . #Women #Leadership #SoSWomenUK #womeninliterature #bamepublishing #diversity #leadership #careers #girlboss #inspiration #realwomen #lifelessons #selfimprovement #promotion #goals #achievements #inclusion #excellence

Murder on the Orient Express - Agatha Christie: I really enjoyed reading this book. Christie has such a unique way of writting. The dialogues and the events follow one another so fluidly. We have tbe time to know well each character in the story so that we can even elucidate the crime. In this book, Hercule Poirot travel by train and during his journey, a crime is been committed. Throughout the story, Poirot will try to unravel this crime, but it is not an easy task with all these mysterious passengers. A very captivating story with an unexxpected end. So, I recommend it to everyone ❤️ Otherwise, I made the mistake of watching the movie produce in 2017 by Kenneth Branagh. It's a disaster! There has clearly been too much modification to the film and especially to the caracter of Poirot. I had the imoression of watching more a Sherlock Holmes movie, but Poirot ia actually a little man stocky, with a mustache and peaceful. They did not make honnor to Christie's genius. QUESTION: Did you read the book or watched the movie? What did you think of it? • Le Crime de l'Orient-Express - Agatha Christie: J'ai adoré ma lecture de ce roman! Christie a une manière si unique d'écrire. Les dialogues et les évènements s'enchaînent de façon si fluide. On a le temps de bien connaître chaque personnage de l'histoire pour que l'on puisse nous même d'élucider le crime. Dans ce livre, Hercule Poirot voyage dans un train et durant son trajet, un crime est commis. Tout au long de l'histoire Poirot tentera de dénouer ce crime, mais ce n'est pas tâche simple avec tous ces mystérieux passagers. Une histoire très captivante avec une fin inattendue. Une fin à la Agatha Christie. Ainsi, je le recommande à tous et toutes ❤️ Sinon, je fais l'erreur d'écouter le film produit en 2017 par Kenneth Branagh. C'est une catastrophe! Il y a clairement eu trop de modifications apportées au film et surtout trop au personnage de Poirot. J'avais plutôt l'impression d'écouter un film à la Sherlock Holmes, mais Poirot est en fait un petit monsieur trapu, moustachu et sans violence. Ils n'ont pas fait honneur au génie de Christie! QUESTION: Avez-vous lu le livre où vu le film? Qu'en avez-vous pensé?

Quarenta quilos é muito peso. Foram os que perdi após a gastrectomia: era um segundo corpo que transportava comigo. Ou seja, que arrastava. Foi como se os médicos me tivessem separado de um gémeo siamês que se suicidara de desgosto e me dissessem, no final, "fizemos o nosso trabalho, agora faça o seu e aguente-se. Aprenda a viver sozinha". (p. 17) . vamos conversar sobre mulheres gordas? . maria luísa sempre, sempre fora gorda. do que o pai tinha de complacente, a mãe tinha de intolerante. criada em moçambique, vivendo em portugal desde a adolescência, a protagonista deste romance passa a vida inteira questionando-se a respeito de sua auto-imagem e dos preconceitos que a barriga, as coxas e as mamas caídas lhe causavam. . maria luísa faz questão de dizer que é boa aluna, culta, possui a inteligência interpessoal de tornar-se professora de filosofia, depois de terminar a faculdade de letras. mas é gorda, portanto, nenhuma de suas qualidades é suficiente. a relação da personagem com o mundo é feita ATRAVÉS de seu corpo. nada passa despercebido para ele - adolescente, sofre e aguenta em resignado silêncio as piadas e os insultos de companheiros de escola. aguenta, também, a postura de david, seu primeiro amor, diante o choque que seu corpo ocasiona. . como quem viveu uma adolescência gorda, é fato: o relacionamento entre maria luísa e david irrita, mas é previsível. david, mesmo escondendo-a dos amigos, seria o único a amar seu corpo gordo. é como se a vergonha fosse tanta em mostrar a massa ao mundo, mas, ele, por tê-la visto em primeira mão, seria o único a poder amá-la. só o fato dela não conseguir se desvencilhar dele já mostra o quanto ela se odeia... é triste, relatável. . tão relatável que a obra tem pitadas de autobiografia. não sabemos o quão real é o relato de isabela figueiredo, mas sentimos. e quem faz sentir, do jeito que isabela o faz, é isento de dar maiores explicações. . notinha: 5/5 :) tem algumas passagens triggering. mas o trabalho de linguagem é tão bonito que pouco me abalei! qualquer coisa falem comigo, ok? fuiii

Em “Compre-me o Céu”, da jornalista Xinran, a autora se compromete a falar sobre a política do filho único na China. O livro é dividido em dez partes, cada uma relatando sobre um filho único específico que a autora conviveu. Vamos falar sobre o primeiro deles, que de cara já mexeu comigo: Du Zhuang. Du Zhuang foi enviado pelos pais para estudar no Reino Unido com 21 anos, e foi recebido lá pela própria Xinran. Ela logo fica bastante surpresa com a dependência do jovem de seus pais, ele nem ao menos sabe desfazer sua mala e guardar suas roupas em cabides -- não faz absolutamente nada sozinho, e isso é um bom resumo do que faz essa política, além de conter a natalidade: cria gerações de herdeiros solitários, mimados, e sem uma exata noção do mundo exterior, da realidade. Isso ocorre porque esses serão os primeiros e únicos daquela família, eles devem ser intocáveis e nada de ruim pode lhes acontecer -- o céu deve ser dado a eles. ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀ Como filha única de pais muitas gerações mais velhos, sendo a mais nova de todos os ramos da família e tendo tido uma infância solitária, logo me identifiquei, guardadas as devidas proporções, com esses filhos únicos. Mas no caso de Du Zhuang, o problema não para por aí: estando no Ocidente, lutando para se adaptar a uma vida oposta àquela que levava com os pais, ele também passará a enxergar a China e a sua família de outra forma, e isso deve causar uma cisão em seu ser. ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀ “Somos diferentes de outras pessoas, não temos irmãos com quem conversar nem com quem partilhar nossos pais, ou com quem dividir o espaço familiar. Precisamos trabalhar nossos sentimentos e juízos relativos a nossos pais e chegar a um entendimento totalmente sozinhos. Será possível que os outros de fato entendam a solidão e os dilemas das pessoas como nós, que vão envelhecer sem ter familiares da mesma geração, presos entre um extremo e o outro, machucando a nós mesmos e aos outros nesse choque? Na família, somos como o Sol e a Lua num único astro, e não recebemos tempo nem espaço para amadurecer por conta própria...Todo mundo instintivamente nos observa com os olhos da tradição e julga nossa geração, a nós, que nascemos e crescemos sozinhos."

My office for this week working on Essex Girl. It's a story about a girl called Kirsty growing up in Brentwood. It's on at Roundhouse on 22nd June & The Rose and Crown on 30th June. It's unlike anything I've ever done before and I'm bricking it. Please come 👄👠👜💄